Street Arts Music

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Street Arts Music is run by Doug Armstrong and funded by Stratford Town Trust. It is a weekly guitar and lyric writing workshop for homeless and vulnerable participants. It helps people to express themselves through creative writing and music and give them a voice. With the professional support of musicians Nigel Clark, Jack Blackman and Wes Finch, they create their own song lyrics and learn basic guitar skills.


The workshops deal with difficult life experiences, addiction, loneliness, mental health problems or isolation. Participant’s songs are eventually recorded and a CD is produced each year. The latest album is called Hope and is available to download here.


New Album Coming Soon!

Hi guys! Thought we would keep you in the loop on what we have been up to in the music project. Sadly we still can’t hold live sessions but we have been working away with the guys online, emails, phone, texts and collecting material from homes. It has been tough for us all over the last months, especially these guys who are isolated and have been unable to go out or communicate regularly. So frustrating and hard, but we have tried to help and keep the momentum going.


Hopefully you will have already listened to our Isolation song (ok, technically it's John Lennon's Isolation song!). If not, click here to listen and watch the music video.


Since then we have been working on a few new songs, and here's the first two! You can watch the videos below, and if you'd like to purchase the tracks, click here to visit our Band Camp page. 

We've also got a whole new album on the way, so keep em peeled for the big launch soon!

Also in the pipeline is a track called "Not How It Was Before". That's still having the finishing touches done, but in the mean time, here's the lyrics to get you in the mood. Watch this space for updates and we hope you enjoy all our new choonz!