New funding, new theatre, new music!

We are delighted to have been awarded a new grant from Stratford Town Trust.

The funding will enable us to commence theatrical workshops for the homeless and a new inclusive production in February penned by playwright Jackie Lines based on real life stories.

In addition, a new music project due to commence in January and run by Doug Armstrong, will work alongside participants living with poverty, mental health issues and those suffering exclusion and isolation with the town.

Jackie Lines said “Stratford Town Trust have been a huge support to Street Arts Project through previous projects and we are thrilled that they have invested in our future aims and aspirations for 2022. We will be basing the core of our work in the new Fred Winter Centre run by Spring Housing, and at the Playhouse Theatre with whom we have established strong working relationships.”

Throughout lockdown, Street Arts Project have worked tirelessly with the homeless and street community delivering outreach support and ongoing music workshops at the Playhouse Theatre when restrictions were lifted.

A new CD will shortly be released from those workshops and features the songs written by the participants and supported by the group’s professional musicians. Doug says “The quality of work is outstandingly high. The musicians relate brilliantly with those in the group, and we are aware that the need for our projects is even greater now since a year of isolation and lockdown.”

Applicants are invited to participate in the theatrical and music projects and contact can be made through the Street Arts Project website Contact Form or Facebook page.

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