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What Is Street Arts Project?


Street Arts Project is a local, not-for-profit community group set up by Jackie Lines, Doug Armstrong and Chris Musson to support vulnerable and isolated people in Stratford upon Avon. It also includes a passionate team of volunteer staff, and was one of past Stratford Mayor Cllr Kate Rolfe's official chosen charities


It's two main activities are:

Workshops - We run Street Arts Music, which is a guitar and lyric writing workshop, helping people to express themselves through creative writing and music and to give them a voice. With the support of professional musicians, people can share their difficult life experiences, addition, isolation or mental health issues. The new CD from the project is now available. Street Arts Theatre, offers media and theatrical training with an opportunity to take part in
dialogue, script development and a theatre production. Workshops aim to develop personal and social skills and give access to theatre experience.
Dates for new workshop commencement in 2022 will be announced shortly.

Outreach - SAP works to provide vulnerable and homeless clients with urgent supplies of clothing, toiletries, food, laundrette vouchers and other essential items. SAP receives funding support for these provisions from national homelessness charity Socks and Chocs who have worked alongside SAP since it's formation.

SAP also liaise with other agencies and businesses in Stratford upon Avon and have been assisted with food donations from the Trussell Trust Foodbank. Corporate organisations have supported SAP with filled rucksacks for street sleepers and funding.

A previous successful project was the Street Arts Lunch Team which provided free hot meals, and was run by a volunteer staff. Unfortunately this had to close due to Covid 19, but we thank all those who made it possible.

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This fantastic collection of tracks was created by the long-standing collaboration between professional musicians Jack Blackman, Nigel Clark and Wes Finch, and local songwriters that have been attending their music workshops, organised by Street Arts Project. Recorded at the Stratford Playhouse and produced at Rhythm Studios, this beautiful mix of original songs sound as good as anything you'd hear on the radio, and represent the amazing evolution of this project's members. Click below to listen and buy!

You can also enjoy the music from the last full album CD release from the Street Arts Project, recorded back when the music group was known as the Stratford Link Project. You can listen to a few full tracks, and 30 second clips of the rest, then download individual tracks, or the whole album! If you'd rather have a physical CD instead of a digital download, drop us a line and we'll tell you where and when you can collect one. 



Live gigs are a very important part of Street Arts Project. They are a goal for the participants to aim for, both musically and socially, breaking down barriers, challenging stereotypes and celebrating community. We're very fortunate to have the continuing support of many local bands and artists who give their time and talent for free in support of the cause, and make every Street Arts show a top tier musical experience not to be missed! Check the list below for the next event, or join the mailing list to be notified.

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Feel free to drop us a line for more information about what the Street Arts Project is up to at the moment, or to talk to us about how you or your business would like to donate, sponsor or collaborate. You can also get in touch if you know someone sleeping rough or struggling and would like advice on how to help. Or just say hello and give us a's always nice to hear from you!

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